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My Scout

Well, for any of you who wants to know something (or anything :) ) about my old truck, here it is. Straight from the line set ticket that I happened to find, as well as any mods (there's only a few):

1980 model year Scout II (rolled off the line on September 26, 1980)
SD-33T Nissan turbo diesel engine
Borg-Warner T-19 close-ratio 4 speed manual transmission
Dana 300 transfer case
Dana 44 front and rear axles with 3.73:1 differential gear ratios and positraction front and back
31 inch Big-O Bigfoot X/T tires (I don't care what anyone says; they're better than BFG's!) (stock was, I believe, 30 inch or so tires)
Second fuel filter added (off a Detroit diesel) in line before the OEM filter
Cannister oil filter converted to spin-on type oil filter (this is fairly common and, I believe, is available from Nissan; I got my last filter from there {for anyone looking for a spin-on filter, the part number from Nissan is 15209-C8602})
Straight exhaust pipe (makes it sound like a small semi :) )
Dual low-profile mirrors (the right side had come off by the time I got the truck, and I replaced them both with trailer mirrors {since replaced with a second set of better quality})
I also added a Cobra model 25 LTD ST citizens band radio with dual 4 foot antennas, one mounted on each of the two mirrors.
I also replaced the rear liftgate with one that wasn't rusting out. :)

It was a great little truck. Only problem is that it was sold in Michigan and spent a good part of it's life in Utah and along the California coast, so it had a bad rust problem. In addition, the SD-33T suffered from a bad case of white puffing blow-by smoke. Being financially unable to fix it, I had to let the Scout go on October 15, 2000. The truck went to Oregon, where salveagable parts were taken out and re-sold (the engine went to British Columbia, the Dana 300 went to the U.S. East Coast, and the tranny, axles, and interior remained in the buyer's hands). The body was completely unsaveable, and was scrapped. Very sad ending for a vehicle that otherwise served me well. Again, it won't be the last Binder I own. In fact, I currently own an IH diesel engine in my 1984 Ford F-250. I'll keep this page going as long as there's interest, though.

Some off-roading done in June 1999

Some off-roading done in April 2000

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