Interior of Car

The front seats. This is a personal preference, but I like the black interior far better than the Palomino (tan) interior of my 300D! The seats are in considerably better condition, as well.

The dashboard, as seen from the passenger's side. There is clearly not a radio in the car yet; one will be installed soon. Like the rest of the interior, the dash is in pretty good condition.

The passenger's side lower dash and footwell. The floor carpeting has been temporarily removed due to the presence of water in the footwells. I want to get the carpeting completely dry and the water entry eliminated before putting the carpeting back in. The carpeting is in good shape overall. I wish I knew what that air duct that goes into the door is for.

The instrument cluster. Note the U.S. gauge markings, and the speedometer. A 160 mph speedometer is unheard of in a diesel; among other things due to the fact that I don't believe there's an OM617 in a production car that could get the car moving that fast! My friend who gave me the car told me that his father replaced the speedometer at some point, and given the part number, it appears that the speedometer came out of an R107 roadster, not a W116 sedan. Due also to this, the odometer reading is completely inaccurate for this car. For this reason, I do not know how many miles are on the chassis.

The automatic climate control panel. It is similar to, and at the same time different than, my 300D. Unfortunately, it appears that the climate control servo is non-operational; therefore, at the moment it is impossible to get air into the passenger cabin without opening a window, and the heater and defroster do not work.

The rear seats. Like the front seats, they are in surprisingly good condition. The center seat belt and buckle were hidden behind the cushion when this picture was taken; I "fished" them out shortly thereafter.

The rear deck. My friend's father decided to cover the faded material with new carpet, and in the process covered up the first aid kit and the rear speakers. They ARE under there, somewhere.

The rear part of the headliner. It appears to be in excellent condition, albeit somewhat dirty. No rips; no sagging.

The front part of the headliner, including the inner portion of the sunroof. Like the rear part, it appears to be in excellent condition other than being slightly dirty.

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Page updated March 23rd, 2006